Survival of the Fittest: A Sermon based on Psalm 72

I’d like to begin by reflecting on survival of the fittest. In evolutionary theory, survival of the fittest argues that the strongest organism has the greatest chances for genetic survival. You can see this at play if you’ve ever watched episodes of planet earth, which shows all sorts creatures battling with each other for the privilege of mating. There’s nothing quite like seeing one ton bull Walruses body slams each other in order to win the right to have kids. Can you imagine if humans had to win a series of sumo wrestling match right before their wedding day? Survival of the fittest isn’t just only about dominating potential mates. It also suggest that the strongest creatures will b

Dig up my Ears: A sermon based on Psalm 40

This psalm begins with the Psalmist crying out from the depths of a slimy pit, stuck in the mud and mire. I chose this Psalm to reflect on, because its somewhat autobiographic in nature. In my younger days I used to spend a lot times crying out to the Lord from a slimy pit. Here is a picture of one such experience of crying out from the muck and mire. I say this is what I did in my younger days, but the truth is that a week ago Alfred and I went on a scouting trip, and towards the end of the hike we were doing a lot of crying out to the Lord from the muck and mire. Which is why I thought this Psalm would be especially appropriate on the day before our Mountain Trip. I believe that this v

Walking with God: A sermon based on Psalm 23

Has anyone ever offered you advice about “the real world”? People seemed prone to offer me a lot of advice about “the real world” when I was graduating. They’d say things like, “Enjoy this now, because in the real world, you have to do your own laundry.” Or “you’re going to have to toughen up if you want to make it in the real world.” “Once you get in the real world, that’s when you’ll really find out who you are and what you believe.” I always found this advice to be a bit muddlesome. Mostly because implicit in this advice was the suggestion that I wasn’t yet living in this “real world” and if that was the case, then what kind of reality was I currently living in? Had up to my graduating fr

Inauguration Day: A Sermon based on Psalm 2

This Psalm originally functioned, as a coronation Psalm for ancient Israel. When a king was being installed, this Psalm would be read or performed during the coronation service. The idea was that this Psalm would remind the Davidic King of his calling to represent God’s rule on earth, by reigning with the justice and righteousness required by Torah. Psalm 1 and 2 function in similar ways. Psalm 1 outlined the two paths for individuals, the path of righteousness and wickedness, Psalm 2 outlines the two paths for kings and nations: the path of righteousness, or the path of wickedness. On the day of coronation, this Psalm was meant to call the king of Israel to walk the path of righteousne

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