December 22, 2019

In recent weeks as we’ve been reflecting on Scripture, we’ve been noting how often it’s possible to view Scripture through different perspectives or angles.  In any given passage, God can communicate to us on many different levels.  Often there is a main level on which...

December 8, 2019

Last week, we talked about people wearing multiple hats, and how its important to understand which hat someone’s wearing when you’re talking to them.  You might be talking to a person and their wearing their doctor hat one minute and their concerned parent hat the next...

December 2, 2019

Come and Die Matthew 24:36-44
Joe Ellis — December 1, 2019

I’d like to tell you something that’s good to keep in mind when you’re talking with Rayner. Like a lot of us in a small church, he wears a lot of different hats. So when you’re talking to Rayner, he might be wea...

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