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Our Gatherings
You are invited to attend our gatherings! For the time being, we are suspending in-person gatherings. Instead, we'll gather via 'Zoom'
Here's what you need to know: 

Worship Gathering

Sunday at 10:30 am

Summer Small Groups

Connections help us build relationships with one another.

Soul Training Challenges

A weekly challenge for you to grow your soul by trying some of these things in your life.

June 20, 2021: Pastor Joe will be preaching.


Sunday Gatherings will explore various ways of living in relationship with others (as followers of Jesus) through sermons, interactive experiences, and conversations — we're currently looking at in-person options, we’ll be in touch.


​Here is the link to our gathering: https://zoom.us/j/6498311950  


The meeting ID is: 649-831-1950

The password is: 196926


It is also possible to join in through your phone by calling 1-778-907-2071 if you do not have internet access. 

We are encouraging everyone to be involved in a small group where you can talk together and pray about the theme covered the previous Sunday's gathering (Sunday morning attendance not required). If you want to host a group or to join a group, let Pastor Joe or Pastor Michelle know!


Email is telkwacrc@gmail.com

or phone the church at 250-846-5777


Make it a goal to attend at least one small group. 

Your soul training mission this week, if you choose to accept it, is to:

1) spend two hours with God.

The two hours don’t have to be done all at once (e.g. 30 minutes X 4). Here are some suggestions:

- Attending a worship service could be part of this, if you are able to intentionally meet with God during that time.

- Find a quiet restful place to be in the presence of God.

- Say a Prayer.

- Praise God for some of the small & concrete blessings He’s given you.

- Read a short passage (5-6 verses) in your Bible and ponder it.

- Ask God questions you have, be still as you wait for a response.

- Journal: write down your thoughts and feelings during these quiet times with God. 

2) Do four random acts of kindness or do four things that reflect the ways of God's Kingdom rather than of this consumer/digital world.

We want to be a community that...

Worships God, grows together as disciples, and makes Christ known

Worship Gatherings

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

We worship through song, engaging with teaching from the Bible, and praying together as a community. 

You're welcome to come as you are. Join us! :) 

Children and Worship

Kiddos are welcome to join in!

During the second half of the worship service, children aged 0-4 are welcome to continue their worship through play and Bible stories in the nursery downstairs. 

At that time, children aged 5-12 are welcome to continue their worship downstairs at Sunday school. 

Youth Group 

The youth group is for high school aged youth and meets every other Sunday from around 7-9 pm. 

They explore the Bible and have adventures! Contact Pastor Joe if you'd like to join!