Lost and Found: A Sermon based on Luke 1:57-80

For the past number of weeks, we’ve been exploring the vision statements that our church discerned together around 20 years ago and exploring whether they still fit to how God is calling us as a church. We’ve come to the end of that series and today we’ll be looking at the last of those vision statements “We seek to reach out and enfold the lost”. Today, I’d like to explore that statement in conversation with the story we just read from Luke. As I was reflecting on the vision statement “We seek to reach out and enfold the lost”, I was thinking about who the lost are that we are to reach out to. I thought of those who don’t know God, those who are caught up in pursuing meaning and purpose in

God's Power: A sermon based on Luke 1:39-56

(Slide 1) Today we are resuming our Vision Series. Over the last several Sundays, we’ve been reflecting on our vision statements as a church. This Sunday and next we will be reflecting on the last two vision statements that revolve around our mission of Making Christ known. The week before we reflected on stewarding our gifts such as time, money and talents in service to God and community. Next week we’ll reflect on the statement, “We seek to reach out and enfold the lost.” This week we’ll reflect on the statement, “We minister locally and globally.” I feel that we got a little tired with this vision statement. It sort of feels like a catch all statement that doesn’t really give us m

The Intimacy of Prayer: A sermon based on Ephesians 3:14-21

Have you ever experienced someone come up to you, and say, “How are you doing, I’ve been praying for you?” How does that make you feel when a friend or maybe even an acquaintance or stranger, tells you that they they’re praying for you? For me, its got a similar effect as someone picking up the bill at a restaurant. You weren’t expecting it, but you’re super grateful because you know they care about you. When someone prays for you, they’re saying they care so much that they’re willing to take time out of their day to bring you before God. And if that’s not a powerful way of showing love, I don’t know what is. One of the ways I know that Michelle loves me is the way she prays for me. Pr

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